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Summer 2021 Youth Classes - FAQ

We are so excited to have all our young athletes back in the gym this Summer! Here are some helpful tips to ensure your child has a successful and FUN summer with us. We will update this post with any other questions we receive that we bet you're wondering too.

1. My child is 8 but really mature for their age. Can I enroll them in the 9-11 year old class?

This really depends on a number of factors. We recommend enrolling them in the age appropriate session, and we will evaluate every child after the first week of classes. If it looks like your child is bored or could be successful in a different class, we are happy to move your child to a different section. There's a lot that goes into how we establish our age groups and class sections. Maturity or athleticism are great, but we expect more out of the older kids than we do the younger ones, and we may have them doing movements with weights that your child can't move safely.

The older classes are also more competitive, which some younger kids aren't prepared for, and frankly in our experience, do not enjoy.

Supervision is another huge issue. Above all else, we want your child to have a SAFE and fun summer with us. Putting younger children in a class with older kids who are counting their own reps and doing more complicated workouts both in terms of physical and cognitive requirements isn't typically safe or fun for them. Please give us the benefit of the doubt when we tell you what session your child should be in. If we recommend moving your child up a class, we will work out the capacity issues and you will not lose your spot in the program. If we have to move your child down to the age appropriate class, we may not have the required space in those sections, and we can't adjust capacity issues with younger classes as easily as older ones. We will not allow a child to stay in a class where they cannot safely participate, or where their participation diminishes the experience of other children. This may result in you losing your spot in the program, and we will not issue a refund.

2. How early should we be at our scheduled class?

We really don't need a lot of time before class, and our schedule is fairly tight this summer. In order to avoid unnecessary crowding at the gym, we recommend being at the gym no earlier than 5 minutes before class, and request that you pick your child up as close to the scheduled end of class as possible.

3. My child's class is only 30 minutes. Can I just stay at the gym?

Yes! We have a couple of small seating areas, and we typically have the garage door open, so you can enjoy the nice summer weather and still watch your child participate if you wish.

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