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Goal Setting

The goal board is back!

The goal board has been cleaned up and is ready for some new goals! There are chalk markers at the gym for you to use in writing your goal on the board. We know you've got some questions, and we're here to help.

Why should I write down my goal? I already know what I want to do.

· Did you know that you are 42% more likely to achieve a goal you write down? It’s true! Writing down your goal helps you bring focus and clarity to your goal.

· Seeing your goal on the board every time you come in the gym helps motivate action! Goals aren’t achieved overnight. Continued effort toward achieving your goal is necessary to accomplish your goal. The goal board can help provide this motivation!

· It helps us coach you! We want you to achieve your goal, but if your goal isn’t clearly articulated, its hard for us to know what is important to you. If we see a ton of gymnastics-based goals on the board, we can program more gymnastics progressions during classes, and we can help you by creating custom plans to help you on the way.

· It helps you stay on track! One of the things we all love about CrossFit® is that its constantly varied! While this is the best approach to improve across all measures of fitness, if there’s one specific thing you want to do, some specific effort is necessary. Make no mistake, every day you come to class is a day you’re closer to your goal. We can accelerate the process with additional effort specifically toward your goal. But we’re all human, and when someone else hits a PR on the barbell or gets their first handstand pushup, you might be tempted to deviate from your goal to work on something else. Having a written goal helps you stay focused.

Ok, I’ll try it. How do I set a goal?

A generally accepted method to set the goals is to use the SMART method.


Specific. Your goal should have a clear and very specific end point.


Measurable. How do you know when you’ve met your goal if you can’t measure your progress?


Attainable. Planning to get to the NBA when you’ve never played basketball might not be the most attainable idea. Similarly, saying you want to get a Ring Muscle Up before you have your first pull up can lead to discouragement and derail your progress. We can get you to a Ring Muscle Up, but let’s get a strict pull up first and then we can start a new goal to get you closer to your muscle up.


Relevant. The goal you pick should be something you’re personally interested in or excited about.


Time-Bound. Finally, we need a time frame to accomplish the goal. This helps us stay on track and see the finish line!

Say that again, but with different words this time.

You got it. Here is an example:

I want to lift more.

That’s a good goal, but it’s not SMART. Let’s make some edits so it’s SMART.

Specific: Is there a particular lift you’d like to increase? Is there a heavier kettlebell you’d like to use for kettlebell swings? How many times do you want to be able to lift more? Are you looking to increase your 1 rep max on a lift, or do you want to be able to do more reps at a “working weight” without breaking?

Measurable: How much more? Are you looking to increase the number of reps you can do at a particular weight, or are you looking to increase a 1 rep max?

Attainable: Where are you now? What is realistic for you with hard work?

Relevant: Why are you picking this goal? Do you want to prepare for the CrossFit Open or are you trying to RX more WODs?

Time-Bound: When do you want to be able to lift more weight by? We’re looking at the goal board as something you want to accomplish by December 31, 2021, but if you do better with short term goals, you can set a monthly goal if that’s what works for you. That’s what’s great about using a chalk board!

If you have any questions or want help setting your goal, please reach out to Ryan, Mason, or Haylee. May the gains be ever in your favor.

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